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All blog pieces written by Ellen Leith unless otherwise stated

It's just paying bills - how hard can it be?

Friday 19th October, 2012

There's something different about FISCAL Technologies, and it's not just the purple haze (purple themed products punctuate their offices and events). Unlike several other solution providers, they don't talk at their customers, they include them - invite them in, genuinely want to give them a platform to be heard.

Basware - they've got the platform, now they've got the T-shirt too!

Friday 28th September, 2012

There must be something about sitting next to a seat of power which rubs off. As the throng of tourists dwindled away inside Dean's yard, Westminster - they were replaced by a growing sense of optimism and excitement, as a new global period of growth was outlined at Basware's User Forum.

Unveiling Basware's new strategy to a packed room - CEO, Esa Tihilä described a vision for Basware which was inclusive, ambitious and ready to listen to the winds of change blowing through the e-invoicing and automation industry. Having been around since 1997, Basware have been there, done that which means that although they may not be as noisy as some of their younger competitors and partners - they probably have got the T-shirt too..

Shift Business – Get Social

Thursday 9th August, 2012

Tradeshift connects the supply chain to maximise profits

It’s all about connectivity. Without it, you’re running an outdated, soon to be obsolete model – or at least so thinks Christian Lanng, CEO of the e-invoicing and B2B network Tradeshift. His vision of a business with a deep weave into the connectivity of others has catapulted the company into a force to be reckoned with in the space of just over two short years.

It’s Getting Cloudy Up Here

Thursday 7th June, 2012

The news recently has been that we’re over the cloud. In fact, according to a recent survey, we're bored of it. To me that didn’t quite ring true. me-bw Bored? Perhaps. Over it? No. The boredom comes from overuse of a buzz word which people still find hard to define - which then becomes irritating.  But my feeling is that real knowledge is still limited.

My suspicions were confirmed during a break out session at the Ariba Live conference in Barcelona, where Ariba’s Senior Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Dan Ashton asked “who here is 100% confident that they understand the cloud?” In a room filled with finance professionals, not one person raised their hand. Of course it’s possible to put some of that down to a squirming unwillingness to stand out in a crowd, however, it’s more likely that no-one felt entirely confident in the level of their knowledge.