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2020 Webinar Series

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How to Transform Your Data into Decisions 

How to Transform Your Data into Decisions

Yooz webinar ccThursday, 20th August, 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM BST

Many organisations have difficulty in correctly routing and analyzing their data. But now, more importantly than ever, having the right quality data is key to being able to gain the insights you need to be able to thrive.

Discover during this Webinar solutions that are simple to implement within your SME. Yooz, the benchmark solution to automate the collection and processing of purchase and sale invoices and EMAsphere, the digital analysis and forecasting platform which simplifies business management, remove all access barriers by offering SMEs sophisticated technology while guaranteeing simplicity of implementation and use. In the past, data quality was only available to larger organisations, but now SMEs can seize the growth opportunities and stability offered by data control.

• Mastering data: the new Grail of the finance function.
• What are the main difficulties in terms of data management?
• Smart capture with Yooz for reliable and accessible data in real time.
• Structuring and restoring data in management dashboards with EMAsphere
• Q&A forum

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Who are Yooz & EMAsphere:

Yooz is the most intelligent, powerful and easy-to-use Cloud solution for the dematerialization and automation of the Purchase to Pay process. It brings unparalleled benefits in terms of productivity, speed and security to more than 3,000 clients and 200,000 users worldwide.

EMAsphere is the digital analysis and forecasting platform that simplifies business management.
SaaS solution, EMAsphere automatically connects to all the company's software (accounting system, CRM, ERP, HR) and offers dashboards and management indicators that facilitate decision-making.