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The Essentials off Procure-to-Pay

Symtrax asset covThe procurement process has become a necessity for business efficiency. It concerns the buying and managing of raw materials that a company requires to manufacture its products or provide services. This process typically involves huge cash flows and requires visibility throughout the transaction cycle, from vendor selection to the final invoice generation and payments with adjustments.

A procurement plan is indispensable and can be implemented in any small to mid-tier thriving business. Successful procurement planning can define clear purchasing guidelines, place a company above their competitors, and identify anticipated goods and services for potential purchase, thus reducing expected costs.

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How to get more from your purchase to pay investment

Wax D asset coverAs a finance or procurement professional you’re probably already well-versed on some of the benefits of introducing purchase to pay (P2P) automation. Purchase to Pay systems replace slow, time consuming and expensive manual steps, from raising a requisition, to paying the supplier, with a fully automated electronic
process. It yields many rewards, not just for your team, but for the wider business.

We’ve conducted research into Purchase to Pay system benefits with the views of 200 leading UK finance and procurement functions. Based on their responses, we’ve produced this guide so you can quickly check you’re on the right lines if you’re currently managing a P2P system user case or P2P process review.

The guide will also be helpful to ensure you’re getting the best possible value from your existing P2P technology investment.

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AP Automation: Minimise error-handling and costs

Pager Asset coverOptimising your Accounts Payable processes doesn’t need to be a difficult or costly experience.

While many businesses are aware of the costs associated with manual AP operations, many underestimate the simple actions that can be taken by companies of all sizes to quickly and easily free up working capital.

Find out more and download the research below:

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Turning AP from reactive to proactive

Fiscal asset coverFISCAL Technologies have published this whitepaper to help finance leaders navigate the minefield of information, research and benchmarking data available today. P2P analytics is not a popular field for researchers, most of the data focuses on fraud and compliance.

This whitepaper highlights the real risks across AP and P2P, focusing on cost and risk reduction. We provide a collection of validated industry research and examples of best practice that enable you to focus your sights on the tangible business change and turn AP from reactive to proactive

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