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A guide to building a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) business case

Proactis Building Your Business Case for P2P UK 1 1An easy step-by-step process to build your business case

Spend Management is a journey, and for many organisations, one of the first, most important legs of the trip is deployment of a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution.

The direct operational benefits of your P2P system will be to:

• Make it easy for your organisation to get the goods and services
   it needs.
• Prevent unauthorised, unnecessary or fraudulent purchases.
• Help department managers effectively manage budgets.
• Guide purchasers to fulfill their need from approved
   suppliers with a negotiated contract pricing.
• Dramatically streamline the processing of invoices
   while ensuring only valid invoices are paid.
• Streamline the entire purchase-to-pay process to reduce both
   time and cost.

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Get a handle on how your organisation really buys goods and services

Proactis White Paper Purchase to Pay 1

Testing market conditions have shown that Finance and Procurement have the power to lead transformational change within their organisations. However, true digital transformation cannot be achieved without a solid Purchase-to-Pay system, and some organisations are still not realising the full value that it can deliver on a daily basis.

Check out this expert guide from Proactis which is designed to help you:
Get a handle on how things are really done today and identify the   savings opportunities.
Develop a vision of how to tackle problems and seize opportunities.
Discover the 5 key questions you need to be asking about your
  organisation’s current purchasing process in order to improve.
Learn why a good Purchase-to-Pay system is essential for any
  organisation looking to achieve their digital transformation objectives
  and deliver growth.

This resource is a great reference point for any Finance professional looking to improve their organisation’s processes, so click the link below to download the Free White Paper.

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Push the Boundaries of Automation

Push the Boundaries of Automation with Basware 2With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies

ML and AI are enablers of a completely new era, which is nothing short of a revolution in how accounts payable (AP), procurement, and finance teams work. In this ebook, we take a look at how these modern technologies eliminate manual exceptions and poor data quality while enabling touchless processing and increased data quality and accuracy.

Boiled down, AI and ML bring about the following key benefits to P2P:

• Drastically reduce manual handling of business documents,
   such as invoices.
• Shorten processing times for invoices, purchase orders, and
   other documents.
• Considerably increase data quality and accuracy.

Download the report in full to learn how AI & ML changes the way we do business.

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PPN Annual Survey 2022

PPN Survey 2022 covThe Definitive Guide to Purchase to Pay

For the first time in four years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of organisations using eInvoicing, possibly reflecting the drive to become more digital over the course of the pandemic.

As technology improves and the benefits of collaborative working combine with a need to develop an insight into end-to-end processing, collaboration across end-to-end Procure to Pay is a trend that’s set to continue.

Download this report and read the findings in full.

This report is derived from a study incorporating the online results of senior influencers and decision makers involved with Procure to Pay, Finance, procurement and the supply chain. 

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