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It's Not all About the Money

Supplier Led Innovation Report cover

Most UK businesses admit that they have become highly dependent on their suppliers, so they should consider how best to collaborate with them. All too often relationships can become transactional and focus on cost. This acts as a blocker to innovation, preventing UK organisations from keeping pace with end-user demands.

Based on a study of 200 UK-based procurement, supply chain and finance professionals at rganisations with over 1,000 employees, this report examines how UK businesses can enable supplier-led innovation and go beyond a pure cost focus.

Download the research report in full here.

Game of Fraud: Return of the CFO

WhitePaper GameofFraud UK v2019 09 04 covSecurity, which involves preventing and fighting fraud—especially for documents—is a topic that continues to grow in today’s world of ongoing digital transformation. Warning lights are flashing red at many companies: half of all UK companies have been victims of fraud in the past two years, according to a survey conducted by PwC.

The research found that for more than half of the organisations affected, criminal activity resulted in losses of over $100,000, and almost a quarter of UK victims admitted to losing more than £720,000.

Download the report in full here.


Leverage Value by Bridging the Digital Gap

Mercateo wp final 1 coverIndirect spend is often thought of as the poor relation in the procurement family. Spend can be low, administration costs high, and rarely do purchases in this category contribute directly to the business output.

For a long time, it has been considered to be too disjointed and the spend too insignificant for it to be an area of specific focus, beyond a few of the larger categories. But as the drive for improved sourcing rigour intensifies, organisations are beginning to pay closer attention to their suppliers in this area.

Find out more and download the report in full here.

From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence

YoozUK Whitepaper Artificial intelligence cover cAs finance leaders, you might ask yourselves, how new technologies impact finance functions? What transformations can be predicted? How will it shape tomorrow’s finance department? How can it improve our finance department's efficiency? And is it within our reach?

This whitepaper aims to explain clearly how Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, apply to financial and accounting processes and how it can be applicable to your daily operations. You will also find out that contrary to common belief, these technologies can be accessible for all.

Download the report in full here.