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All blog pieces written by Ellen Leith unless otherwise stated

Top Six Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Transformation across Purchase to Pay and all the related fields is a continuous journey. And as we edge closer to 2020, digital revolution is feeding its way into company strategies for the future.

Capitalism's Gone Wrong - And Your Organisation Can fix It

Monday 4th November, 2019

Every few decades capitalism goes wrong – or at least so says John Penrose MP, speaking at SAP Ariba’s ValueX conference on Tuesday. Not necessarily a sentence you’d expect to hear from a Conservative MP just before a General Election. But these are extraordinary times. Set just one day before what was supposed to be Brexit day, but instead turned out to be Non Brexit Day III, the only certainty seems to be more uncertainty. So what toBMA House outdoor space courtyard do?

Greta Thunberg and the So What Challenge – Autumn eWorld Procurement and Supply

Tuesday, 1st October, 2019

Anyone wanting to hang on to the tail end of summer had such fantastical notions swept away last week, at the traditional advent of the autumn event calendar at eWorld Procurement and Supply, ushered in as is customary with torrents of rain, flood and upturned umbrellas.

eWorldFortunately, eWorld’s new home at The Grand Connaught rooms makes it impossible to remain dispirited for long. The free to attend event offers a medley of keynotes, educational breakout sessions and new tech for anyone in the procurement, supply chain or P2P worlds. With some old favourites like Proactis, Tradeshift and Wax Digital in the Exhibitor room, there were also some newcomers to me, like appzen, Evaluatr and Certify.

Is it Silly Season Yet? Brexit, BBQs and Robots

Friday 23rd August, 2019

The run up to the August bank holiday used to be called the “silly season,” but it seems that seasons last a very long time these days. With surprising and often contradictory announcements being made from either side of the Atlantic and from other areas of the world, it’s easy to become just a bit confused.