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All blog pieces written by Ellen Leith unless otherwise stated

It’s Getting Cloudy Up Here

Thursday 7th June, 2012

The news recently has been that we’re over the cloud. In fact, according to a recent survey, we're bored of it. To me that didn’t quite ring true. me-bw Bored? Perhaps. Over it? No. The boredom comes from overuse of a buzz word which people still find hard to define - which then becomes irritating.  But my feeling is that real knowledge is still limited.

My suspicions were confirmed during a break out session at the Ariba Live conference in Barcelona, where Ariba’s Senior Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Dan Ashton asked “who here is 100% confident that they understand the cloud?” In a room filled with finance professionals, not one person raised their hand. Of course it’s possible to put some of that down to a squirming unwillingness to stand out in a crowd, however, it’s more likely that no-one felt entirely confident in the level of their knowledge.

New Solutions for Old Problems

Tuesday 15th May, 2012

Great to see some innovative technology on display at the IFO's Fusion event this year. There really is something for everybody regardless of the size of organisation or, with some of the SaaS offerings, how much budget your organisation has.

Most people admit to a surprising amount of paper still being involved in their organisation's P2P operations and say that varying degrees of automation will be necessary over the next 3 - 5 years. Those providers responding to market trends and being flexible and intuitive when it comes to new products are going to be the ones who fill that need. Something like the Taulia dynamic discounting product, FISCAL Technologies AP Forensics® offering or Esker's and TradeShift's SaaS solution highlight some of the fresh thinking around at the moment needed to drive P2P forward.

Talk isn't So Cheap

Monday 14th May, 2012

Opening keynote at the IFO's Fusion Conference, Laura Ling really gave us food for thought today with a remarkable story of bravery, strength and humility in difficult circumstances. A well respected human rights journalist, Laura was taken captive by North Korean soldiers while researching a story on human trafficking into China. Through her tales of desperate times, low points and trauma - one key theme kept recurring - how sometimes just small things can make a huge difference and how above all and at all times, communication is key.

Pioneer Spirit Adds Spice to Kofax Customer Connect Event

24th April, 2012

What better place for the launch of ground breaking technology than the beautiful, neo-classical surroundings of the Civil Engineer’s Building in London. Standing in the shadow of Big Ben at the heart of Westminster, Kofax launched their new capture-enabled BPM solution at their customer connect event last week.

With presentations from CEO Reynolds Bish, founder Singularity, Padraig Canavan and CMO Martyn Christian, as well as a Question Time style Q and A session, Kofax put forward a very memorable event for several reasons. Firstly the purchase of the former Singularity TotalAgility Suite last November has provided Kofax with a fast track into the BPM market. Couple this with new Mobile Capture application (with the link into the anytime technology of the cloud), and it’s easy to see that Kofax are at the forefront of change technology.

As CTO Anthony Macciola said, the Mobile Capture application enables total Point of Origination capture, with complete end-to-end processing delivering business ready documents faster, with fewer errors and with better auditing visibility. The solution has the capacity to totally revolutionise the way the capture market is run – going that one step closer to mirroring the business to consumer market in terms of ease of use and flexibility. For the first time the business process is triggered at the point of origination.

Another key point was spelt out by Reynolds Bish who said that the Capture-enabled BPM solution has built in integration with many existing systems – such as Exchange, .Net, Sharepoint and XML providing widespread appeal and a solution which allows users to extend their existing investment.

A teaser about the next stage of evolution of the KTM model takes the functionality one stage further as the touchless element is applied to “one-time only” documents. The solution scans for familiar key words, in “learn by extraction” technology, narrowing down the potential selection type and channelling them into the touchless stream.
More than just a product launch, the event served to focus attention on an exciting time in the BPM market where the changes are fast, where to some extent the future business-wide application of the solutions are still only to be guessed at, and the feeling that the space will look very different three years from now.

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