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Leveraging Real Time for Decision Making

Guest post by ITESOFT

'Real-Time' information is becoming increasingly valuable to decision makers, providing visibility and accuracy that allows you to unlock value throughout the Purchase-to-Pay process. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70% of the world's most profitable companies will use embedded real time predictive analytics by 2016. How close are you to achieving this?

The webinar link below highlights the importance of optimising the Finance and Accounts Payable processes to help achieve the above. Success lies in significantly increasing the efficiency of your end to end purchase-to-pay process.

It is more important than ever for the AP function to learn about new decision-making tools that monitor and control finance processes – including supplier scoring, KPI monitoring, and reporting.

There are a number of key challenges in our everyday processes that prevent us from making informed business decisions that should help steer the business in achieving objectives such as transparency, visibility, control and Accountability etc…

Many of these challenges comprise of operational issues such as duplicate invoices, data errors, missed docs; lack of traceability and Managerial Issues (Monitoring, Measuring).

The webinar below includes a success story from Oxford health NHS Trust, Guy Turton; Financial Systems Manager explains how he had overcome some of these common problems and how implementing a P2P solution has helped to increase invoice volumes by 10% with fewer staff.


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