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Case Studies

UniCredit Bank- Improving control & visibility within accounts payable

Reputation is incredibly valuable, particularly in the banking and professional services sector, where an organisation’s financial conduct should mirror the same professional integrity promoted throughout the rest of the business and its customers. In today's business enviroment the company’s financial reputation with suppliers has a huge impact on pricing and profitability. 

Virgin Atlantic increases operational efficiencies with AP Forensics®

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd has been using AP Forensics® (APF) software since 2008, when they purchased the software to tackle payment issues that were slipping through their already stringent financial controls. They have integrated the software fully into their work processes, running it on a disciplined and regular basis through a Managed Service. Not only did the software provide an immediate return on investment, it has also brought an extra measure of security to the organisation and continues to support their exacting, metrics-based service standards today.