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3 Disruptive trends shaping the future of Finance & Procurement

3 Disruptive Trends Shaping Future of Finance Procurement 1AI, Machine Learning, Business Ecosystems, Predictive Analytics, Data Accuracy – what’s all the buzz really about?

As a finance or procurement professional, you have most likely heard about these trending topics and might be curious to learn how these emerging technologies will affect purchase-to-pay functions. Their applications in daily life are still somewhat intangible, but one thing is clear, emerging technologies have the potential to revolutionise how modern finance and procurement operate.

Download this whitepaper to learn how these trends are disrupting the purchase-to-pay world and what you can do to prepare today. You'll get more details into technological trends such as the following:

- Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are re-inventing the dynamics of AP and Procurement departments

- Business platforms supporting automation are the foundation for business flexibility and agility

- Data gathered through automated solutions strengthens business continuity and resilience

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The definitive AP guide to becoming a strategic function

The Definitive AP guide to becoming a strategic function covjpgEverything you need to know about how to become a strategic accounts payable function.

Accounts payable should be a strategic function in every organisation. Yet, despite decades of talk about unlocking its strategic promise, the process remains under-resourced, under-valued, and overlooked.

In this book, Tradeshift have consolidated years of experience helping accounts payable teams shift from tactical to strategic to give you a step-by-step guide to reach your goals.

What you'll learn:

  • Why now is the time for accounts payable to break free from tactical work and become more strategic
  • How to build a vision and mission for your accounts payable department
  • How to guide your team through the change process and overcome any resistance

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10 Business-Critical AP Metrics for CFOs

Metrics That Matter covFor CFOs, metrics are a top priority. They’re the driving force that helps them to focus and optimise sales and revenue and generally keep the business moving towards similar strategic goals. However, accounts payable (AP) operations often at times get overlooked when it comes to examining metrics even though this information has a direct effect on working capital, the cost and effectiveness of the procure-to-pay (P2P) process, and supplier relationships.

This whitepaper will provide the 10 AP metrics that CFOs who really want to make a difference should track. It will guide you through which metrics to track, the process for calculating them, and how to track them over time.

Download this whitepaper in full and learn how to measure AP metrics.

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Tradeshift's Latest Index of Global Trade Health

TS Index of Global Trade Health Q3 2021 covEconomists headed into the summer optimistic about the speed of recovery. Many are now wondering if the engines of growth are losing steam.

Fulfillment issues led to unsatisfied buyers, dramatically impacting their confidence in suppliers. Buyers are hesitant to place fresh orders, meaning there’s been a swift flattening to the growth curve.

This slowdown can be a moment of reprieve for many supply chains. They can now take the time to work on fulfilling orders and invoices, reducing the strain on their chains. But, will buyers have their confidence in suppliers restored, or will they be sent packing—and what do these trends mean for the long-term health of supply chains?

Many of the world’s largest buyers and their suppliers use the Tradeshift platform to exchange digitised purchasing and invoicing information. The data these transactions yield provides Tradeshift with a unique perspective on trading activity.

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