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Ventana Research: Change in the Office of Finance

Change in the Office of Finance: Evaluating Barriers to Digital Transformation

bl Change in the Office of Finance covThe F&A technology already available today has the potential to have a greater impact on how the finance department operates over the next 10 years than it has over the past 50.

Its impact spans from automating an increasing amount of rote, repetitive work to enabling a new generation of finance and accounting executives to provide their teams with tools that can help them avoid tedious, unnecessary activities.

Read this benchmark assessment from Ventana Research to discover key insights and best practices for the future of technology. You’ll discover how this will transform Accounting and Finance in a variety of areas, including:

Financial controls
Internal audit
Analytics and reporting 

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Finance & Accounting in a Post-COVID World: Navigating the Changing Landscape

bl report covAlmost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic became the single greatest threat to global business continuity that we’ve ever experienced. It forced many finance and accounting organisations to rethink operating models in a bid to overcome truly unparalleled challenges.

A year later, the future remains uncertain, and business leaders are operating in a more demanding, precarious, and unpredictable environment than ever before.

Working with independent research firm Censuswide, Blackline surveyed C-level executives and finance and accounting professionals in organisations around the world to find out:

-  How has the increasingly critical nature of financial data impacted
    the F&A function?
-  How have the past 12 months reshaped the scope and influence
   of demands faced?
-  To what extent have business leaders recognized the key role
    F&A can play in not only survival, but recovery?


Read this white paper for the full survey results, which also reveal how the COVID-19 crisis is reshaping roles and building resilience in F&A organisations across the globe.

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A Checklist for Developing a Future-Proof AP Organisation

cover kofax checklist 2A recent report from The Hackett Group has outlined a set of six areas that top performing companies are prioritising for optimisation of AP processes. While they include lowering transaction costs, increasing transparency and gaining more control over payment timing, they go beyond these basic objectives and take a more comprehensive approach to information, analytics, employees and technologies so that no gaps are left in processes.



In this report, you'll learn:

• The information, analytics and enabling technology capabilities of AP top performers
• The skills, training and automation technology that best enable workers at top-performing companies
• How top performing companies use technology to enable organisation and governance, service partnering and service design
• A checklist of service delivery objectives for maturing as an AP organisation
• Approaching the future with flexibility and maintaining a competitive edge requires a comprehensive approach to AP-focused
  P2P automation. Use this report to develop your future-proof strategy.

Download the report in full.

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Controlling AP Costs

controlling AP covTurning AP from Reactive to Proactive

The financial crisis created by COVID-19 makes the need for accounts payable (AP) and procure-to-pay (P2P) teams to be proactive in reducing costs and protecting cash increasingly urgent.

This new report by FISCAL Technologies identifies the areas most vulnerable to cash leakage and highlights opportunities to cut costs and achieve successful recoveries.

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