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Three Ways CFOs Can Better Align AP

Three Ways CFOs Can Better Align With AP covCFOs are under increasing pressure to boost cash flow, but achieving this goal means finding ways to align AP and AR processes. And that poses challenges.

This white paper looks at how to assist both sides in understanding each other’s approach to working capital.

What you will learn:

How supply chain finance (SCF) can break down AP and AR silos while providing flexibility to fine-tune working capital requirements

Why automating AP and AR processes will reduce inefficiencies, increase visibility, and give CFOs the data necessary to predict cash flow needs

Why CFOs and senior finance executives are forming strategic partnerships.

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AP and E-Invoicing Mandates

tradeshift ctc e invoicing mandate covThis report explores two vastly different forces that are elevating and prioritising the strategic management and digital transformation of Accounts Payables systems in companies around the world.

The first is that AP has been at the center of the storm for companies across the globe. For corporate AP leaders, that means heightened responsibility and opportunity with payables playing a critical role in business continuity, cash flow management and forecasting to maintain operations amidst broken down supply chains.

Those with the existing digital infrastructure in place to access and take action based on real-time data were far better positioned to make immediate and high-value contributions to sustaining business operations than those still reliant on paper-based or faux digital systems.

The second is a rapidly emerging global tax compliance and regulatory trend that is gaining momentum in countries around the world. Download the report in full here.

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AP Post-Covid: What to expect in 2021 and beyond

AP post covid survey covThe changes affecting Accounts Payable teams have been sudden and sweeping over the last 12 months. No risk or crisis management models had dealing with a pandemic at their centre. And yet we’ve seen organisations and teams rise to the challenge in innovative and positive ways.

From February until April, a large sample of companies from the banking, construction, logistics, government, and health sectors provided answers on the prospects for digitalisation in a changing world.

Find out all the results and how organisations have adapted to meet these changes.

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Ventana Research: Change in the Office of Finance

Change in the Office of Finance: Evaluating Barriers to Digital Transformation

bl Change in the Office of Finance covThe F&A technology already available today has the potential to have a greater impact on how the finance department operates over the next 10 years than it has over the past 50.

Its impact spans from automating an increasing amount of rote, repetitive work to enabling a new generation of finance and accounting executives to provide their teams with tools that can help them avoid tedious, unnecessary activities.

Read this benchmark assessment from Ventana Research to discover key insights and best practices for the future of technology. You’ll discover how this will transform Accounting and Finance in a variety of areas, including:

Financial controls
Internal audit
Analytics and reporting 

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