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The Top Six Ways to Carry out P2P Fraud

By Pete Loughlin, Purchasing Insight

Purchase to pay process, compliance controls, segregation of responsibilities – all things which to a business  can, and are,  seen as obstacles to just getting things done. But, they’re a necessary evil without which fraud would run rife.

So what are the most common purchase to pay frauds? We can’t necessarily know which are employed most often, but based on common knowledge and a bit of personal experience we think these are good candidates for the top six.

Lessons in AP Fraud

In these days of greater reliance on technology to save us from the perils of fraudulent activity, it’s interesting to consider that tip-offs and accidental discovery remain the two most pertinent methods of detection.

Face Up to Fraud

Discover the Four Key Areas Where Accounts Payable is vulnerable

Unfortunately, when it comes to fraud, the old saying “where there’s a will there’s a way” tends to ring true.  While global connectivity has brought the business world closer than ever before, it has also brought new ways to commit fraud along with it.  However, you can fight them at their own game, and turn technology to your advantage.