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EInvoicing & Automation

Improves supplier relationships by automating accounts payable

Guest article by Magali Michel, Director at Yooz

Procurement process costs account for an average of 60% of turnover for most companies.

On one hand, it highlights the considerable extent of savings that can be derived by optimising the procurement function.

On the other hand, it underlines the overriding influence of suppliers on business performance, largely setting the conditions for companies’ ability to face exacerbated levels of competition and restrictive standards, while continuing to meet the ever-growing demands of their own clients.

From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence: Can AI really form part of a strategic finance team?

Guest article by Magali Michel, Director, Yooz

AI fascinates us, excites us, even scares us a little (I’m still not sure I want to be on the same roads as self-driving cars!) But there is no denying that AI makes our daily lives so much easier than it was just a few years ago, and much more than imagined.

The positive impact of AI on finance teams

When we talk about AI, we immediately think about virtual assistants or chatbots, like Siri or Alexa, smartphones that identify us through fingerprint or facial recognition, cars that are able to detect pedestrians and to park themselves (often better than humans do). We also think about computers that recognise and analyse documents automatically.

Invoice Automation – It’s a Tool not an Answer….

Guest article by Marie Simpson, AP Project Manager, Dairy Crest

Let’s be honest about this and have a look at the bigger picture

Having implemented invoice automation systems, along with ERP systems, there is absolutely no doubt that there is time saving in Invoice Automation (IA) versus processing manually.invoice automation3 However – do not believe all the spiel that this is going to be the saviour of the business and that you can reduce your AP team drastically. At least not before you have processes and policies embedded!

P2P (Purchase to Pay) technology – the push for process perfection

Contributed article by Rachel Griffiths, Business Process Consultant at Canon UK

In Europe’s challenging and competitive markets, it’s essential for businesses to investigate how they can boost cost effectiveness, process efficiency and improve stakeholder relationships. Whatever the current climate, it’s hugely beneficial to a company’s balance sheet to be efficient, responsive and lean.