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NOA survey finds 80% public do not believe outsourcing helps British businesses

Tuesday 15th May, 2012

The survey commissioned by National Outsourcing Association (NOA), was led to gauge the public’s views and opinions of Outsourcing. The findings suggests that only 19 percent of the public think that outsourcing can help get the UK out of recession.

Although, the NOA believes this perception has stemmed from the connotations of outsourcing with cost cutting (67 percent), job losses (53 percent) and offshoring to India (45 percent).

The research also showed that the public did not understand the role of outsourcing and that only 14 percent understood that the use of an accountancy firm was an example of outsourcing. Only 27% recognised a local computer company providing IT support to small businesses represented another example of outsourcing.

Martyn Hart, Chairman, National Outsourcing Association said: “The National Outsourcing Association’s Outsourcing Works campaign aims to tackle misconceptions and highlight the sterling contribution outsourcing makes to UK PLC. The NOA is confident that we can prove to the public the value that outsourcing brings to businesses, and the nation as a whole. Outsourcing is not just about offshoring and job losses, although the public currently thinks that it is. Most of the IT industry is outsourcing, in one way or another. This is not being recognised currently. The Public Perception of Outsourcing research shows that although the public is adamant that they don’t like outsourcing, for the most part, they do not properly understand what it is. The NOA knows that Outsourcing Works. The next wave of NOA research will prove empirically that Outsourcing Works, and then we’ll shout it from the rooftops.”