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Internal Financial Controls Indentify Fraud at the Royal Academy

Thursday 3rd May, 2012

The former Finance Director of the Royal Academy of Music, Janet Whitehouse has admitted to defrauding the institution across a four year period of more than £200,000. The various fraudulent activities included claims for work which hadn't actually been carried out, and for accommodation for her son, paid for by the Academy.

In addition, Ms Whitehouse also submitted false invoices worth over £100,000. In a statement the Royal Aademy said that "internal financial control systems had identified apparent finanial irregularities". It appears that these same controls also highlighted other activity in an apparently unrelated case. It seems that the Academy's former Head of Information also faces fraud charges - accused of producing false invoices of more than £400,000.

The Royal Academy was founded in 1822, and is one of London's most prestigious institutions.