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UiPath integrates its platform with Amazon Web Services solutions

Tuesday 28th July, 2020

UiPath has announced it has integrated its end-to-end platform for hyperautomation with enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By integrating with Amazon Textract, Rekognition, and Connect solutions, the UiPath Platform can boost employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and accelerate digital transformation through dynamically-scaled AI-powered RPA solutions. With these integrations, UiPath is enabling customers to:

With UiPath, customers can automatically scale their digital workforce on AWS through auto deployment, ensuring a faster and completely predictable deployment as workloads change. As needs evolve, customers can easily configure virtual machines and deploy robots – without any manual intervention – and connect them to UiPath Orchestrator for easy management. 

Connect the call centre front-end with all backend systems: With an open and extensive platform, UiPath easily connects Amazon Connect to any system that the contact centre relies on, including those back office systems or mainframes that were previously not accessible. This enables a full zero-touch customer self-service automation solution, freeing up agents to work on more complex customer issues. 

Bring AI to workflows and build more intelligent automations: UiPath ready-to-use intelligent automation solutions help customers modernise the enterprise by adding AI Services from AWS directly into day-to-day operations. Users can simply drag and drop the AWS AI capabilities into their automated workflows using pre-built integrations available on the UiPath Marketplace. With UiPath, customers can use Amazon Textract to automate tasks involving complex document types that traditional OCR software cannot manage.

Dhruv Asher, UiPath senior vice president of business development and product alliances, commented: "Customers want to make the most of their AWS investments, and they want a simple, affordable and resilient solution without complex infrastructure and application changes. We’re here to help. With a one-click deployment solution to AWS, out-of-the-box IT automations, and readily available activity packs for consuming AI services, we’re committed to helping customers integrate with the UiPath partner technologies that they rely on today and in the future."