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An assistant accountant and her husband jailed for £45,000 fraud

Wednesday 5th May, 2020

An assistant accountant stole more than £45,000 from her employer and transferred it into her husband’s bank account to buy clothes, a car and paying debts.

Burnley Crown Court heard how the couple spent the £45,267.53 taken from her employer.

She had worked for family run Lloyd Motor Group over eight years before leaving in September 2018, six months before her fraud came to light.

In April 2018, she raised paperwork and a bank payment to pay £45,267.53 to BMW Financial Services on behalf of a customer.

“Lloyd Motor Group had agreed to settle this finance with BMW for the customer. Ms Afzal completed the paperwork, including the completion of a bank transfer request form. On this form bank details such as account number and sort code are required. As this is done on an almost daily basis all the accounting team are familiar with the account number and sort code for BMW. Ms Afzal filled out the form but added details of another bank account and sort code. The account belonged to her husband.” The Lancashire Telegraph reported.

Her manager had authorised 20 payments that day and expected the form she had prepared to be correct.

The prosecutor said: “To cover what she had done, on April 19, 2018 she completed the paperwork with bank details for BMW, requesting the payment of £45,267.53 this time to be paid to BMW.”

The paperwork sent appeared correct and was authorised by another accountant to be paid. However, the financial system revealed that she moved the amount of £45,267.53 to a larger account where it would not be easily identified and missed.