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Charity Finance Manager Admits Fraud

Friday 27th March, 2020

A finance manager has admitted defrauding two charities while she was working for them.

She was working as an accountant at the Westcountry Rivers Trust in East Cornwall and a finance manager at Exeter-based Libraries Unlimited when she stole the money, and had altered bank details to make unauthorised payments.

She admitted five counts of fraud at Exeter Crown Court.

After moving to Libraries Unlimited, she stole increasing sums of money including £4,688 in January 2019, £12,178 on 11 March and a final sum of £26,659 on 25 March.

The Westcountry Rivers Trust works to restore the quality of rivers, whilst Libraries Unlimited offers improved access to reading services for the public.

She was released on bail and is due to be sentenced this month.