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£3m fraud sees Finance Manager in Jail for over 3 years

Friday 24th January, 2020

An accountant who cheated his company out of £3 million and lived a ‘high rolling’ celebrity lifestyle with the money has been jailed.

Ben Wiley, 29, stole a total of £2,939,514.75 from Essex-based mechanical service contractors DG Robson between May 2013 and October 2016.

Wiley earned £50,000 a year as the firm’s finance officer and operated by creating fake invoices from company contractors and transferring the funds into his personal account.

He made a total of 300 transactions, before squandering some of the money through betting sites, gambling two-and-a-half-million pounds overall, according to Judge Martin Griffith.

‘You must have known, as you went through 300 plus individual frauds in this time, that what you were doing was going to be found out. The responsibility for this rests on the punter and that is you.’

Wiley, who is now training as an electrician, admitted fraud by abuse of position and money laundering and a further count of fraud was left to lie on file.

His defence claimed he had ‘lost absolutely everything’, revealing his wife had divorced him and banned him from seeing his two young sons.

Wiley was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.