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European Commission publishes registry for eInvoicing directive

Friday 16th August, 2019

The European Commission has published a registry of supporting technical artefacts and code lists to help implement the European standard on eInvoicing (EN 16931).

The registry covers the following items:

  • The European standard: this standard addresses the proliferation of different standards in Europe
  • Validation artefacts: the European standard defines rules to check that an invoice complies with the standard. Technical artefacts automatically validate whether an invoice complies with these rules.
  • Code lists: the European standard defines which code lists may be used for each business term that has the data type "code", such as electronic address, VAT number, currency, etc.
  • Core invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS) and Extensions: buyers who must support specific processes or legal requirements may need to restrict, or extend the European standard's core data model, CIUS will help mitigate this.

The European Commission manages authority for the VAT and electronic address and code lists. All other code lists are managed by European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

The registry also allows change requests to be submitted that will help the technical artefacts evolve to suit market needs.

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