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Aircraft manufacturer ATR moves to e-invoicing

Wednesday 24th July, 2019

Esker has announced that ATR a world leader in the regional aviation market has chosen Esker to automate its accounts receivable process in France.

Esker’s Accounts Receivable solution has enabled the short-haul aircraft manufacture to automate the delivery of 70,000 customer invoices annually and significantly improve its DSO and customer satisfaction.

With an increasing number of ATR customers wanting to receive their invoices electronically, Esker was able to offer 100 percent automated invoice and reminder letter delivery of which, 80 percent are sent via email and 20 percent via Esker’s portal, according to a new release.

Seamlessly integrated with ATR’s SAP® system, Esker has enabled ATR to achieve: faster processing times and decreased costs related to invoicing, compliance with e-invoicing and archiving regulations, standardised management processes between the different subsidiaries and headquarters (with three billing centers in Toulouse, Singapore and Miami), along with other benefits.

Established in November 1981, ATR is a joint partnership between two major European aeronautics players, Airbus and Leonardo. ATR has sold nearly 1,700 aircraft and has over 200 operators in more than 100 countries.