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Two Oxfordshire councils consider extending joint working

Tuesday 30th April, 2019

Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council are considering extending their joint working partnership after it was set up in October 2018.

According to a press release, residents in Oxfordshire are already benefiting from the impact of an ambitious and innovative new partnership between two councils - with plans being explored to develop closer working over coming months.

The two councils have developed business cases for sharing services across law and governance, finance, HR, communications, policy, consultation, research and business intelligence and regulatory services, such as trading standards and community safety and public protection such as fire and rescue and emergency planning.

Across the two councils several joint senior managers have been shared including, a joint Chief Executive, Assistant Director for regulatory services & public protection, Lead officer for HR and Director for Law and Governance.

Assistant Chief Executive Claire Taylor said: “Our ambition is to trigger a broader conversation throughout the country - via our own example here in Oxfordshire - about how the councils and other public bodies can work better together. We all face the same challenges and we serve the same residents - so collaboration makes good sense. It is our experience so far is that real tangible improvements can be delivered to the benefit of our residents, both as taxpayers and service-users.”