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Expense Fraud PA to JK Rowling, ordered to pay money back

Thursday 4th April, 2019

JK Rowling’s former personal assistant has been ordered to pay £18,734 to the Harry Potter author after fraudulently using her credit card.

She was dismissed from her job when the incident came to light in 2017. The author then pursued damages in a civil case at Airdrie Sheriff Court in Scotland.

She has been ordered to repay amounts including £1,160 for cash withdrawals, £9,832 for point-of-sale purchases and £7,742 on foreign currency.

Reported in the BBC news Scotland, Sheriff Derek O'Carroll found Donaldson used a business credit card to purchase goods and withdraw money which were for her own use.

However the sheriff said there was not enough evidence to prove Donaldson was responsible for a quantity of Harry Potter merchandise going missing.

The money is likely to be donated to JK Rowling's charity Lumos.