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Information Services Group partners with UiPath

Tuesday 11th December, 2018

Information Services Group (ISG) a leading global technology research and advisory firm has formed a partnership with robotic process automation (RPA) software company UiPath.

UiPath is the latest RPA software provider to join ISG’s automation ecosystem. The addition of UiPath means ISG is partnering with the world’s top three RPA software companies to bring the benefits of business process automation to ISG clients.

ISG is a market leader in automation and digital business solutions. The firm’s ISG Automation business is one of its fast-growing, reflecting strong market demand among enterprise clients for business process automation.

Michael P. Connors, chairman and chief executive officer, ISG, said, "Market demand for RPA is soaring as enterprises seek to leverage automation to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase speed – all areas critical to competing in an increasingly digital economy. We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with UiPath to ensure our clients have access to the best technology, software and expertise to automate their business processes and free employees for higher-value work."

ISG Automation helps clients become high-performing “Bot 3.0” enterprises. A recent ISG Insights™ study found the majority of companies are at the beginning stages of deploying RPA, with only 7 percent at ISG’s highest level of maturity – Bot 3.0 – having expanded automation to multiple functions across the enterprise.

Daniel Dines, co-founder and CEO, UiPath, said, "UiPath is leading the automation-first era, a period in which scaling software robot operations is becoming critical as human-and-robot collaboration is turning mainstream. The collaboration between UiPath and ISG enables customers – commercial enterprises, public sector organisations and service and technology providers – to make more meaningful decisions about what to automate to drive digital transformation and real transformational outcomes."