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Coupa unveils suite of product innovations

Wednesday 10th October, 2018

Coupa Software has announced its latest release of product innovations for its business spend management (BSM) Platform. Focused on supplier risk management and compliance, efficiency, and ease of use, the latest suite of updates empowers companies with even greater visibility and control to make smarter business decisions.

New capabilities place community-driven insights directly where the transactions occur, giving decision makers more information about supplier risk to help reduce supply chain disruptions that could harm revenue.

Risk Aware within Coupa Sourcing Optimisation (CSO) provides critical information on supplier health, including key financial, judicial, news sentiment, community, and third-party data, during complex sourcing events such as logistics and raw materials. These new capabilities allow customers to proactively retrieve risk scores and health indicators for bidding suppliers.

Free-Up Teams to Do Higher Impact Work Companies can reduce the burden on teams and managers with innovative capabilities that create greater efficiencies and touchless processes, freeing up their time for more strategic problem solving.

Community Intelligence on e-invoicing channels helps administrators and project managers leverage community information to identify which electronic invoicing channels their suppliers use, thereby enabling digital transactions that are faster, more accurate, and lower cost.

Auto-approval for preapproved expenses allows managers to pre-approve expense reports for their teams and not have to review the itemised report later.

Based on Coupa’s guiding principle that the best user interface (UI) is no UI, a deeper Slack integration enables customers to approve or reject directly from Slack, thus making it even faster and easier for employees to effectively manage their business spend from anywhere.

Coupa has built in new project management capabilities that empower employees with the visibility and control to manage BSM events such as a new contract or a sourcing event in one place. New capabilities enable users to create projects, assign tasks, tag related documents, and more, thus streamlining processes, eliminating redundancies, and enhancing planning so that businesses can spend smarter.

Projects and Tasks gives users the ability to associate projects and events with contracts and sourcing events and easily manage tasks with owners, deadlines, and links to collaborate effectively across teams. Multiple related sourcing events and contracts can be linked to the same project for tracking and project management across initiatives.

Planned Savings Within Sourcing allows users to set savings goals for each sourcing event to provide visibility and alignment across all teams involved.

Learn more about how Coupa can help your company achieve greater visibility into business spend at Inspire’18, coming this November to London.