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Blue Prism and Celonis partner to accelerate enterprise automation

Thursday 13th September, 2018

Blue Prism and Celonis have announced a partnership which will see both companies jointly market their respective solutions.

The partnership will help customers accelerate their digital transformation by automating business processes while providing them with analytical insights to increase productivity, drive operational efficiencies, develop better customer experiences and deliver new services.

Joint customers like Siemens are using Celonis to deliver visibility into how processes are running, allowing them to take a guided approach to Blue Prism’s RPA implementation and monitoring.

Process Mining is used to gain visibility into existing process flows with a detailed analysis of process metrics. By combining process mining with RPA, businesses can effectively overcome many of the challenges inherent to any automation initiative. With Celonis, companies can quickly audit current processes to highlight actions and activities with the highest automation potential, and subsequently build, test, and deploy RPA in a faster and more controlled fashion. After Blue Prism has been deployed, organisations can leverage Celonis to continuously monitor and manage all interactions within their business processes to operationalise change.

Colin Redbond, Head of Technology Strategy for Blue Prism, said, “Working with Celonis, we share a common vision for enabling enterprises to drive new innovations by taking advantage of the latest automation capabilities inherent in our intelligent digital workforce, while ensuring that it is done in a sustainable, scalable way.”

Marc Kinast, VP Global Business Development, Celonis, said, “We’ve seen firsthand that organisations often struggle to understand the maturity of their processes, and to decide which processes are standardised enough to benefit from RPA. Process Mining provides a much smoother and more controlled ‘process-first’ approach to automation, and this approach enables customers to efficiently and effectively transform business operations with powerful analytics and intelligent automation.”