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ITESOFT and Contextor announce new partnership

Wednesday 28th March, 2018

ITESOFT and Contextor a specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) announce a partnership to enhance their customers’ business process automation.

The two software vendors will benefit from the complementary of their respective offerings, enabling customer organisations to digitalise all their business processes and speed up their digital transformation.

ITESOFT’s Secure Capture and Process Automation (SCPA) platform automates business processes from end-to-end through both interactive and system tasks, to accelerate processing and increase reliability while offering innovative services. The solution now adds Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to interface with closed systems that would otherwise require manual intervention.

The partnership will help ITESOFT strengthen its ability to integrate with interactive applications (web sites, portals, agencies, mobile applications, etc.) and back-office applications (CRM, ERP, and proprietary solutions) supporting an organisation’s business processes.

Frederic Massy, Director of Marketing and Communication at ITESOFT, explains: “Real digital transformation involves digitalising and automating tasks from end-to-end. However, not every organisation possesses a fully open information system. Classic integration methods, such as using APIs, are not always appropriate in that case. This is why Contextor RPA is so important: regardless of their information system, all organisations can move forward with their transformation using our SCPA platform. This is particularly significant in regulated sectors where validation, control and information search constraints are very costly.”

Philippe Poux, General Manager of Contextor, "Until now, our robots were limited to processing structured documents, such as web forms, data entry fields in ERP and CRM interfaces. Integrating ITESOFT’s Automatic Document Reading and Automatic Document Recognition engines expands their application to include unstructured document images such as ID cards, bank details or income documents, for example."