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Coupa and Amazon Business join to innovate corporate buying

Tuesday 17th October, 2017

Coupa Software has announced today that Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business is now generally available in the United States and a pilot will launch soon in both Germany and the UK with an initial set of customers.

Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business expands an organisation’s buying options by giving its employees access to the Amazon Business marketplace. The solution gives Coupa users embedded visibility and instant access to millions of items beyond the catalogues managed by their employer. This means that employees are no longer restricted to buying from company-managed catalogues that may not offer what they need.

In addition, the solution helps reduce the rate of ‘item not found’ and decreases the likelihood of employees buying outside their organisations’ approved processes. Organisations reap the benefits of lower total costs, improved spend compliance, and higher end user adoption. Employees benefit from a simplified process - they only have to search once and get back consolidated results from both corporate catalogues and the Amazon Marketplace.

In many organisations, employees are required to buy from specific catalogues maintained by their employer. Due to ever-changing needs, employees may not find what they need in these catalogues. This may cause an employee to buy goods outside of their corporate-approved channels, but doing so can result in non-compliant spending - without proper budget checks or approvals.

Coupa’s flexible configuration capabilities give customers the ability to tailor the Coupa Open Buy solution to meet their organisation's specific needs. 

Todd Heimes, director, Amazon Business International, said, "Coupa and Amazon Business are working together to create a more seamless purchasing experience for businesses."

"Coupa Open Buy provides Amazon Business customers with increased visibility and instant access to millions of items in an open marketplace through Amazon Business."

Coupa customers benefit from the Amazon Business e-commerce expertise and gain visibility into full product catalogues on an established multi-seller marketplace, which helps eliminate the need to manage individual catalogues.

Donna Wilczek, vice president of product strategy and innovation at Coupa, said, “Open marketplaces are the future of spend management, and we’re leading the way by applying our deep understanding of enterprise needs to deliver pragmatic innovations for the real-world.”

“Our unique collaboration with Amazon Business shows that wrapping an open marketplace with smart technology actually works and quickly delivers value to mid and large enterprises.”