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Enhanced new look for The Currency Cloud’s platform

Tuesday 11th February, 2014

Today at Finovate Europe, The Currency Cloud will be demonstrating a new look and feel to its platform. It’s new user interface, TCC Direct creates a simple and seamless experience for customers making international payments. It is also demonstrating Cash manager (currently in Beta testing), which has new features to allow The Currency Cloud’s customers to maintain and manage balances in multiple currencies.

With its customers in mind, The Currency Cloud is entering the next phase of product development, all of which helps align international payments with the “instant” nature of internet culture.  

Cash Manager enables pioneering companies – be they payments firms, banks or e-commerce providers – to hold balances in different currencies with The Currency Cloud. This allows for fast and secure international payments, with total transparency on mid-market currency rates and pricing, unlike most providers.  

The Currency Cloud has also completely upgraded its user interface, branding and website. A new customisable dashboard allows the most critical information to be viewed on a single screen. Setting up a payment beneficiary is even easier with just a few basic details required. Businesses have greater flexibility on payments routing, while a new search function allows for easy viewing of past transactions.

Finally, The Currency Cloud has made it even easier for customers to implement its service. With The Currency Cloud’s API, customers can get set up in as little as one month. A new developer center, available from March onwards, provides a number of tools and forums to help developers.

Mike Laven, CEO of The Currency Cloud, said: “We want to see a world where moving money is easy. Unfortunately the vast majority of businesses still make cross-border payments through traditional methods, which are needlessly expensive, time-consuming and error-prone.  After talking to our customers, we are upgrading our product and user interface to keep pace with an evolving market, continuing to be better than these out-dated options."

"The internet has changed global culture. Everyone wants access to fast and easy to consume information, and the financial services industry has no choice but to meet this expectation. Making international payments quick and simple aligns financial services with an evolving cultural phenomenon. The industry is only at the beginning of the road."