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How AP teams can best prepare for whatever Brexit scenario awaits the UK

By Ruud Van Hilten, Senior Vice President at Tungsten Network
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It is still not clear how or even whether the UK will leave the EU on March 29th. In this period of uncertainty, many businesses will feel paralysed and also powerless about what they can do. Nevertheless, there are some essential steps that businesses should take to prepare for the myriad of potential outcomes that await.

How opaque supply chains can land your firm in hot water

by guest contributor, Charles Henri Royon, VP EMEA, Tradeshift

Managing supply chains effectively has become increasingly crucial to maintaining brand image and reputation. In the age of mass media, firms can’t afford to turn a blind eye – any irresponsibility or wrong doing in a far flung area of an enterprise’s supply chain will be exposed, and rightfully so.  

Is China triggering a global crisis?

Guest post by IMD Professor, Nuno Fernandes 

The recent steep slides on global stock markets have been a long time in the making. As early as two years ago, it was becoming obvious that in addition to the contraction of global demand, as well as the general increase in the relative competitiveness of other Asian countries, China’s rapid rise was coming to a screeching halt and leaving excessive debt in its wake.

Seal Software and their aim to become the Google of contracts

Finding a solution to what keeps CFO’s up at night might seem an impossible quest given today’s climate, but it’s one which Seal Software might just have the answer to. In the tangled world of contracts, Seal aims to represent the “single source of truth”. Curious to find out what that meant, APN sought out their VP Contract Strategy, Lloyd Alexander at eWorld in Westminster last month.