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All blog pieces written by Ellen Leith unless otherwise stated

eWorld - It's Good to Be Back!

4th March, 2022

One of the great heralds of spring and the start of event season, has traditionally been the March call to eWorld. Usually met with great torrents of rain, and even a few years ago, with snow – this year didn’t disappoint. But despite the rain and even a tube strike, we were pleased to see a nice throng of people. And for us at PPN, and for many others we spoke to, there was a nice synergy too. eWorld was the last in-person event pre pandemic, and the first one coming out the other side, two years later! It was lovely to see that everyone seemed genuinely happy to see each other again.

What are you doing 9th – 11th November? Proactis ReThink returns for 2021

21st October, 2021

When we think of digital transformation, it’s easy to see it as a goal, with a clearly defined destination. And while it’s true – you shouldn’t start down a path without any idea where you might end up – the challenge with becoming digital, is that it’s constantly evolving.

Strong Finance and Procurement Strategy Key to Success

This time last year, Proactis encouraged people to re-think their strategies in the wake of the pandemic, and this year from 9th – 11th November their annual event, Proactis ReThink ’21,  offers three days of free, interactive, and online discussion with a focus on digital transformation, maturity and growth. We’ve learnt how important it is to stay connected as a business, and over the last 18 months, it’s been proven that those with strong Finance and Procurement strategies have been able to navigate the challenges more successfully.

In Conversation With Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay – It’s Time to Pay on Time

14th September, 2021

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent over the course of the pandemic, it’s the dependence we all have on each other. How our supply chains are linked, how our business networks and partnerships need each other to survive and although it shouldn’t need saying – just how important it is to business to be paid. And not just paid, but paid on time. So we caught up with Liz Barclay, Small Business Commissioner ahead of her interview with us next week for our Focus Week to get her thoughts on where the UK is heading with payments right now, and what could be done to help smaller business to be paid promptly.liz barclay

So Liz, do you think the pandemic has changed people’s attitude to payments?

Digital Transformation is like Going to the Gym – You’ve Got to Keep it Up

22nd July, 2021

We often talk about Transformation as if it’s a finite thing. But transformation across Purchase to Pay is a continuous journey. Your processes and technology can be transformed from what they were, but like going to the gym, what’s fit and healthy today, will be tired and clunky tomorrow if you don’t keep up with things. One of the effects of the pandemic was to focus everyone’s attention on the company’s tech. From internal meetings, to global spend and cash management - it caused companies to scramble to get to grips with their digital strategy. In our latest survey, supported by our partners, ITESOFT, we asked our P2P community to talk to us about their experiences.

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