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How automation transformed AP at HSS Hire

Thursday 23rd April, 2020, 10.30am – 11.15am BST


FISCAL Technologies Essential to Scottish Forum Success

Monday 11th June, 2012

The Scottish Forum was launched a year ago and has been an outstanding success with the quarterly meetings attracting attendees from nearly all of Scotland’s authorities, who have responded very positively to having an opportunity to meet and share ideas and best practice.

As the Forum approaches its first year anniversary, its Chairman Garry Stevens, Financial Services Manager at Aberdeen City Council, reflects on what has been achieved to date.

Pre-Pay Fuel Card for the UK marketplace

Thursday 7th June, 2012

The Fuelcard Company, has launched a prepaid fuel card, Diesel Advance, allows users to ‘pay as you go’ through advance online top ups from credit or debit cards or Direct Debit.

Eurozone Crisis Puts the Breaks on Cash Flow

Wednesday 6th June, 2012

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Data from Western Union show that businesses are increasingly shifting payments to the end of the month as they hoard cash and wait for better exchange rates.

In the first quarter of 2012, an average of 31pc more currency exchanges were made during the last five days of the month than those made over the first five days, more than double the level the company considers normal.

Oracle to buy Collective Intellect

Wednesday 6th June, 2012

Oracle has entered into an agreement to purchase Collective Intellect, which helps organisations monitor, understand and respond to consumers’ conversations on Facebook and Twitter

Government Names Iron Mountain as Sole Supplier

Friday 1st June, 2012

Iron Mountain has been named as a preferred supplier within the Government's new £200 million document management framework, a category that includes records storage, digitisation and shredding. Iron Mountain is the sole supplier recommended by the Government Procurement Service for the provision of offsite information management services, which comprise around 40 per cent of the framework value.

Cloud providers are required to have a flexible approach

Thursday 30 May, 2012

Research by Queen Mary University of London revealed that Cloud providers increasingly need to adopt a flexible approach to contracts.

Based on views of global and UK cloud providers, cloud users, law firms and other market players the research found that ‘one-size-fits-all’ terms are often weighted in favour of the provider.