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How to Transform AP from Reactive to Proactive

Thursday 9th July, 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM BST


What happens when you ban paper in the Public Sector?

Tuesday 5th March, 2013

In an interview with The Guardian this morning, Christian Lanng - CEO of Tradeshift makes the point that the UK public sector, like many of its counterparts around the world, is looking for ways to make services more efficient. Denmark has shown that the move to an electronic procurement system is possible –  the answer is to make such a system free, open and online.

In January, two Conservative MPs wrote an article on the Public Leaders Network on how e-invoicing could revolutionise public sector procurement, creating new jobs and saving money. One of their examples was the Danish government, where paper invoicing has been banned in the public sector since 2005.

Government forms first independent shared service centre

Monday 4th March, 2013

Arvato UK & Ireland, a business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, has secured a contract to operate the first Independent Shared Service Centre (ISSC1) on behalf of the UK Government.

Under the agreement, the existing Department for Transport (DfT) Shared Service Centre in Swansea, South Wales, has been acquired by Arvato, which will provide back office services to the DfT and its executive agencies.

Crown Prosecution finance staff in £1m fraud

Friday 1st March, 2013

Two Crown Prosecution Staff are facing fraud charges relating to false expense claims for taxi services - totalling approximately £1m.

The Finance Manager of the West Midlands branch and an administrator submitted claims for taxi services for witness although these services were never used so the CPS said in a statement.

PROACTIS tri-party agreement extends AP offering

Thursday 28th February, 2013

PROACTIS has announced that it's going to be entering into an interesting new tri-party arrangement with UXC Eclipse Pty Ltd (UXC Eclipse) and Readsoft to offer a complete invoice processing software solution for private and public sector organisations in Asia Pacific.

Bank of England Considers Negative Interest Rates

Wednesday 27th February, 2013

The Deputy Governor of the Band of England, Paul Tucker has said that negative interest rates should be considered. This would mean that the central bank would charge to hold the funds of other banks - in an effort to get them to shift the money out and start lending.

Basware extends agreement with Metso to deliver e-invoicing

Tuesday 26th February, 2013

Basware has signed an extension agreement on the delivery of an extensive e-invoicing solution to the global technology and services supplier Metso.

In addition to sending and receiving e-invoices, the agreement covers supplier activation service and the Basware CloudScan solution, allowing the customer to easily convert paper invoices into digital format directly into the cloud.