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Find out how NHS SBS Helped Drive E-Invoice Adoption

Thursday, 16th May, 2019 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM GMT


Government Saves Millions in New Deal with SAP and Microsoft

Thursday 5th July, 2012

The Government has renegotiated deals with Microsoft and SAP to enable greater transfer of usage and licencing, which it's estimated will enable savings of around £70m. The deals with the two organisations include the Government being able to sidestep planned licence increases due to come into force next month. In addition, SAP have agreed to improve the current status of the software maintainance fees currently levied.

Tradeshift Puts Suppliers on the Fast Track

Thursday 5th July, 2012

Tradeshift, the innovative and rapidly growing business network and e-invoicing platform, has announced the release of Fast Track, a low risk bundled package which makes it easy for companies to partner with Tradeshift and rapidly onboard suppliers. The announcement has been nicely timed to coincide with the Shared Services Link e-Invoicing conference in Brussels, capitalising on potential customers looking to evaluate the best solutions out there.

Russia May Leverage PEPPOL

Wednesday 4th July, 2012

In a possible expansion of the reach and ease of cross border e-procurement, Russia has expressed an interest in integrating their existing Association of eTrading Platforms (AETP) with that of PEPPOL to effectively provide a "fourth corner" to the PEPPOL project.

U.S. Government Agency selects Kofax for large scale, nationwide capture project

Wednesday 4th July, 2012

An agency of the U.S. government has selected Kofax for a large scale, nationwide capture project. The value of the contract to Kofax is in the mid seven figure dollar amount.

The agency plans to implement a range of the available Kofax solutions to automate the capture and processing of more than one billion documents annually, meaning that they'll be able to process and then archive the resulting images and data with easy access by employees and other constituents.

London Ambulance Service moving to shared financial services

Tuesday 3rd July, 2012

The London Ambulance Service, the busiest ambulance service in the country serving more than seven million people, is anticipating cost savings of £200,000 per year by outsourcing its financial accounting services and the management of its accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

Nomura debuts next-generation intelligent e-invoicing capabilities with OB10

Monday 2nd July, 2012

Nomura has selected OB10, to provide its electronic invoicing services.

Integration with OB10’s global e-Invoicing network will accelerate payment services to suppliers as invoices will be processed quicker, with greater efficiency and less effort.  Vendors will also be assured secure and guaranteed invoice delivery.