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How to improve your AP controls - The Reckitt Benckiser Story

Thursday 11th July, 2019, 10.30am – 11.15am BST


$2.3bn Outsourcing Failure

Monday 26th November, 2012

Key controls for “detection of suspicious trading activity” failed at an India outsourcing unit, contributing to $ 2.3-billion loss caused by a rogue trader of global banking giant UBS, a joint probe by British and Swiss regulators has found. Read More

Factoring on the increase in the UK

Monday 26th November, 2012

More and more UK businesses are turning to invoice factoring as a tool to improve their cash-flow. However, cheap deals aren't always the best deals, it's important that before anything is signed you have read and understood the small print. Something that is often overlooked and before they know it  - many businesses are tied into a contract that was not as it had seemed. One of the ways around that is to use a broker who is fully experienced in the business and able to explain it to their client as well as answering honestly any queries or uncertainties they may have.

Barnet Council selects Capita

Friday 23rd November, 2012

Barnet Council has selected Capita as its preferred supplier to deliver support and customer service organisation (NSCSO). The contract is valued at around £320m over ten years. If the plan is approved by the Cabinet, Capita will start running the service in April of next year. Capita announced to the Stock Exchange that further details will be confirmed as the council makes progress.

Are SMEs divorcing their bank managers?

Thursday 22nd November, 2012

Bank Managers are being ditched and divorced, as Accountants, Lawyers and Finance Directors become the most trusted financial advisers according to 80% of SMEs and a lack of credit and cash flow is still a worry for around 43% of SMEs.

Concur releases a T&E expense compliance solution to help SMBs

Tuesday 20th November, 2012

Concur, a leading integrated travel and expense provider, has launched a new T&E expense compliance offering in the UK. Designed for companies employing up to 750 people, the solution automatically ensures all submitted expenses comply with prevailing UK VAT rules.

Over £6m fraud in over-invoicing scandal

Monday 19th November, 2012

According to The Guardian, one of Brazil's richest and most powerful men has been found guilty of stealing millions from Brazilian taxpayers by taking bribes and "kickbacks" from public works commissioning and hiding it in a Jersey bank account a court in St Helier ruled on Friday.

A judge ruled Maluf, 81, and his son, Flavio, created a "slush fund" to hide cash they had stolen by substantially over-invoicing on a road-building scheme.