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How eInvoicing Mandates Will Affect You in 2023

Thursday, 8th Dec, 2022 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM BST



new invapay logoBenefitting from many years in the industry, Invapay is a simple and efficient trading and payment platform which enables businesses to order from and pay all vendors, including those in the long tail of ad-hoc or one time only vendors.


This means that if your organisation processes thousands of one time only, small invoices - these can be turned into one Invapay.  Doing so rapidly reduces processing costs, drives PO compliance and instantly expands an orgainisation's P-Card leverage


In fact, the process is similar to the way in which PayPal™ works for the consumer market, but

Invapay has been developed specifically as a business-to-business solution which:


  • Allows buyers to convert their P-Card program to a P2P program including goods receipting functionality
  • Allows the buyer to place electronic orders with vendors
  • Allows the vendor to receive payment direct into their bank
  • Provides the buyer full level 3 line item detail

For the buyer the cost of setting up multiple one time only vendors is reduced and the Master Supplier File

is streamlined, creating an improved compliance-friendly environment.


For vendors Invapay accepts payments on their behalf, including card payments, making it possible

to leverage a much underused P-card credit line.