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Worldpay and Xero partner for eInvoicing

Friday 10th November, 2017

Worldpay and Xero have announced an agreement to implement an electronic invoicing service to Xero customers.

Xero users will now be able to create and send electronic invoices, including a ‘Pay Now’ option that allows customers to pay immediately by entering their credit or debit card details through Worldpay’s payments gateway. The ‘Pay Now’ function includes automatic reminders when payments are due or overdue.

According to Worldpay, clunky payments processes put unnecessary barriers between the business owner and their customer, which can lead to delays in getting paid. Through this integration, the ‘Pay Now’ function, which also includes automatic reminders when payments are due, or overdue, will encourage faster payments by making the process as easy for customers as ordering from their favourite online stores.

James Frost, Chief Marketing Officer at Worldpay UK said: “It’s estimated that small business owners are owed as much as £14 billion, and for many business owners, chasing down payment and following up on invoices becomes almost a full-time job when they’d far rather be concentrating on something else.

“Most customers have good intentions when it comes to paying their suppliers, provided the process is made easy for them. Our partnership with Xero provides business owners a simple, efficient and professional way to make life easy for their customers, and removes the hassle of getting paid.