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Finance worker defrauded £680,000 from airline catering employer

Tuesday 7th November, 2017

A financial supervisor who stole £680,000 from her employer to fund her online gambling addiction has been jailed for four years.

While working in the sales ledger department at Manchester Airport-based Alpha LSG, she set up 12 different bank accounts to deposit stolen money.

She then recruited an accomplice to accept sums of up to £90,000 a time which they then divided up between them afterwards.

During 2014 she started delaying genuine payments whilst stealing money to make it appear as if the books were balancing using a traditional book-keeping fraud.

The fraud was discovered after officials at company, which supplies in-flight food to airlines, found discrepancies in their accounts. At the same time the firm had been recording losses and was considering redundancies.

In a statement, Financial Director Ian Uken said: “She was calculating and organised in the way that she went about covering up her actions. It is estimated that it took more than one year of senior management time to unravel the fraudulent trail.”

Prosecutor Miss Lisa Boocock said: “She created false documents and invoices and 83% of the false transactions was for British Airways in which she falsified documents and payment requirements.”

She was jailed for four years after she pleaded guilty to fraud, false accounting and money laundering.