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Basware helps Carlsberg to eliminate paper invoices

Wednesday 1st November, 2017

Basware has helped its long-term customer Carlsberg Denmark to improve their e-invoice rate from 48 % to 96 %. With Basware’s e-invoicing solution Carlsberg not only responded to their customers’ requests for a digital invoicing solution, but also saved a significant amount of money.

"At the beginning of 2016, fees for posting printed invoices doubled. We could see that if we did nothing, our postal costs would double in a short amount of time," says Credit Manager Liselotte Frost Christensen from Carlsberg.

"It is a simple solution: we wanted to send an email to a customer as a PDF attachment – we have a lot of small customers, single-owner companies and we didn’t want to make it too complicated for them. Basware was able to offer that," Frost Christensen continues.

Thanks to the integrated nature of Basware’s solutions, Carlsberg sends all invoices via the same connection and in the same way. Basware delivers them as e-invoice, email invoice or via a printing and postal service, as required.

“We’re happy that we’ve been able to transform so many customers to email. In the old days when customers received a physical letter, the credit management team would have received a lot of queries asking for a copy of their invoice that may have been misplaced. They received maybe 100-150 calls a month. Now, this has reduced to around 50 calls per month,” Frost Christensen explains.

“Through having visibility of what’s going through our system we don’t have uncertainties anymore. For example, previously we wouldn’t have known if our customer did receive a reminder. Now it’s in on the portal. It’s very easy to keep track of what has happened.”

Increased visibility into the whole invoice flow comes from the fact that Carlsberg are sending their entire invoice volume via a single channel. They are no longer sending emails from Outlook, printing invoices with one service provider, and sending e-invoices using another provider. All the data is in one place.