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Esker helps European automobile equipment firm speed up invoice processing

Thursday 18th May, 2017

Esker has announced that it is working with Feu Vert a European leader in automobile equipment and maintenance, to automate its supplier invoices. Esker’s accounts payable automation solution has enabled Feu Vert to automate more than 240,000 annual invoices. Feu Vert has also been able to speed up invoice processing (nine out of 10 invoices processed with no manual intervention), increase on-time payments and improve supplier relationships.

Prior to implementing Esker’s solution, Feu Vert’s 20-member AP team spent large amounts of time manually processing invoices from more than 2,200 suppliers for its 462 stores.

“It was key that we first sell our AP automation project internally,” said Christophe Volay, Account Manager at Feu Vert. “We chose Esker for its scalability. Esker offered a flexible solution implementation — something we had yet to see offered by any other competitor on the market.”

Previously, Feu Vert divided tasks like data entry, invoice reconciliation, exceptions handling, dispute management and supplier relations among its team members. Now, Feu Vert’s accounting teams have been able to eliminate manual data entry, and gain higher job satisfaction on a daily basis.

“Esker’s solution has been extremely beneficial to the day-to-day life of our accounting teams,” said Alexandra Vlatkovic, Assistant Accounting Director, at Feu Vert. “Responsibilities are no longer defined by tasks, but by suppliers, enabling the teams to work better together without silos.”

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